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Booking services

With Healness, you can get away from everyday life for a moment, stop, invest in yourself, and increase your mental and physical well-being.

Book your time for the service you want below or entertain your loved ones with a gift card. To purchase a gift card from your home sofa, call 0447272172. You will receive a link for payment and the gift card will be delivered to the email address you provided.

If it is challenging to find an appointment time on the calendar, feel free to contact us on 0447272172. For example, the current day may have free time even if the calendar seems full.

Services and price list

incl VAT 24%

Full body reflexology

Duration 90 min, price 70e

Reflexology massage during pregnancy and

Labor induction treatment

Duration 90 min, price 70e

Reflexology 90 min + gua sha 30 min

Duration 120 min, price 85e  

Quantum hypnosis

Duration 2 - 3 h, price 70e (CAMPAIGN, norm. 130e)

Students, pension, unemployed, conscripts, and parental leave -10% of the price. (The discount also applies to campaign prices)

You will receive a confirmation of the booking in your email. Save the confirmation, as you may need it to cancel or change the appointment time, for example.

Please note that the time booked, is always binding. Full price will be charged if not cancelled. When booking, you must provide complete and correct contact information which contains at least name, address and email address.

The person who made the reservation is responsible for the reservation even if they have made a reservation for another person.

​Read more about the cancellation policy from the link above.

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