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Everything affects on our wellness. The body, mind and emotions are connected to our well-being and affect our quality of life. In order to do well overall, we need to pay attention to all aspects of life and strive to make them as balanced as possible. That’s why I wanted to list a variety of services where you could find something to suit your well-being. Reflexology is one way among others.

Yoga Block

The Puhti health check-up is a good way to find out how your own body is doing and where you should focus to maintain your health.

All tests are available easily, without a doctor's referral.


I have used the service to monitor my ferritin value and thus also documented how ferritin rise from 16 to 25 in less than a month with the right products. This gave me valuable information about the functionality of the product I was using.

*commercial cooperation

Alternative Medicine Supplies


Luontaistukku is a Finnish online store for supplements, vitamins and superfoods. The fact that the orders are shipped for free at tells about the spirit.

Luontaistukku is a Finnish company that manufactures Finland's largest domestic food supplement product line in its own factory - from the best raw materials and without additives.


And since these values are important to me, I recommend checking out the natural wholesale selection.

*commercial cooperation


Gym Workout

Wellnex is a versatile women's gym in Lahti. They offer a comprehensive range of group exercise, PT services, massages and an insanely warm and approachable atmosphere. The owner of the gym, Johanna Koskinen, has guided me in my gym hobby and helped me achieve the goals I have set for myself at any given time. I can warmly recommend her expertise. 

Homeopathic Bottles


Wellneslab's Camilla Henneken (os.Holmström) offers homeopathic treatment in Helsinki. Her reception is also online. Camilla has been working as a homeopath for our family since the spring of 2021 and based on my experience, I can recommend her to anyone seeking help from homeopathy. Homeopathy also works well to support of reflexology.  Wellneslab's website also contains a lot of information about homeopathy and e.g. homeopathic first aid. Find out more at the link.

Wellnex Gym

Sini is a warm, friendly and very customer friendly person. With her expert service, you will find out what kind of special attention your feet need or you can just go and enjoy a relaxing foot massage.

She can be reached both in Kouvola and in Kannelmäki. The link gives you access to services in the Kouvola area.

Trained massage therapist Minna Vainio

Minna gives massages in the lovely area of Kouvola's museum quarter. If you need a skilled massage therapist who really digs in to your muscle tention, I recommend booking an appointment from her.. Minna meets her clients in a genuine and respectful way, with a suitable dose of humor. In her hands, I take care of my body, and as aside of the massage, I also get my mind treated. The link takes you to her Facebook page, where you can find contact information.

Podiatrist Sini Mäntyvaara-Aho

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