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2 - 3 H, Exercise treatments 70e (norm. 130e)

Quantum hypnosis

Targeted trance, time travel, connection to yourself. Quantum hypnosis is a powerful form of treatment that helps to break away from traumas in the cellular memory, harmful behavior patterns, gives a deeper understanding of oneself and own life situation, and helps to unpack and work on things from the subconscious level. Quantum hypnosis increases self-awareness by opening the possibility to access your own intuition.

Each of us has immense wisdom within us. We are energetically connected to everything, even if we don´t always recognize it. Our intuitive mind knows which decision is right and which path to follow. In hectic, performance-oriented everyday life, this intuitive part of the mind often gets drowned out behind the rational mind. Quantum hypnosis guides you back to that state of peace, where it is possible to get very clear answers and insights to your lifes questions. With quantum hypnosis you can find your own inner guidance, your inner wisdom. 

Before quantum hypnosis

Quantum hypnosis is always based on your own desire and motivation to become aware of your own inner wisdom. It takes will and courage to give up even for a moment the power of the ego, surrender to fears and dare to open up to receive what the subconscious mind considers important. Treatment gives the opportunity to bring to light things that affect life unconsciously.

Quantum hypnosis is a process and it starts from the moment you decide to make an appointment. It is good to book the treatment time a bit ahead, and not immediately for the next day, so that your subconscious mind has time to work on things before the actual session. 

It is good to reflect and also write down a few important things for which you need an answer or clarity. 

What happens in quantum hypnosis

Quantum hypnosis is completely different from traditional hypnosis, as no suggestions are given, but the patient experiences things guided by his own inner wisdom.

The session begins with a discussion where the reasons for coming to the session are reviewed.  This discussion serves as a basis for the actual session, the purpose of which is to surface answers to these themes. 

The actual session takes place lying down on the treatment table, which is the best way to achieve a state of complete relaxation. With the help of speech, the patient is led into a state of deep relaxation, and at the same time some imagery exercises are performed, allowing access to the part of the mind where quantum hypnosis works. In this state, where the mind and body are relaxed, we are fully awake and aware of what is happening. You can wake up from quantum hypnosis at any time you want. 

After reaching a state of deep relaxation, the actual journey begins. A journey to the edge of your own mind, to inner wisdom, which lasts just as long as it needs in this moment. Where exactly what is important at this moment happens. The session can take you, for example, to review the events of this life. Equally, it can raise sensations in the body, manifest itself in colors, images and symbols. Or it can transport to nurture the inner child. Everything is equally correct. What happens in the session is exactly what is important in this moment and for your highest good. It is important to try to give up all expectations regarding the session, because as a general rule, the session is always something completely different from your own expectations. However, everyone always experiences something. 

At the end of the session, we are always brought back to this time and place and we discuss the experience itself, which opens it up even more and groundes up to this moment.

After the session

Quantum hypnosis is a process that continues even after the actual session. The important thing is to be able to surrender to the experience and accept things as they appear in this moment. The experience can be very powerful, but it is always wholesome. The experience is also always individual and every quantum hypnosis journey is always different. However, quantum hypnosis is always a loving and safe journey to your inner wisdom.

To whom?

For everyone who wants to increase their self-knowledge and improve their quality of life through self-understanding.

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