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70e / 90min

Pregnancy and body changes 

Pregnancy is mainly a time tat is filled with happiness and it brings a lot of changes to the mother’s body. Hormonal changes affect mood and as the pregnancy progresses and the body’s focus changes, the physical body also gets challenges. During pregnancy, gentle reflexology treatment can be sought for these ailments from the second trimester of pregnancy until delivery and recovery.


Reflexology during pregnancy

Reflexology is also suitable for pregnant women and can support well-being during pregnancy, relieve pain, and promote the onset of labor.  

Reflexology during pregnancy relaxes, it removes stress, stimulates the body's own hormonal activity and prepares the body and mind for childbirth. During pregnancy, a variety of muscle and joint pains can enter the body and these can be gently treated and relieved with reflexology. Treatment also relaxes the mind and removes stress and can be a good help in alleviating fears related to pregnancy or childbirth.

The treatment covers the whole body: head, ears, back, hands and feet

Reflexology to induce labor

Reflexology can be used to induce labor in late pregnancy. Treatment to induce labor may be given when 39 weeks of gestation have been reached or as early as week 38 if a mediated initiation of labor has been agreed. The treatments activate the body's own hormonal function and uterus with the help of reflexology and pressing acupoints.


During treatment, the baby is usually active when treating areas that are reflected in the uterus and pelvis. Occasionally, contractions may occur during or immediately after treatment. Treatment can be done in late pregnancy up to every 2-3 days to induce labor, but even one treatment activates the body's own functions. In any case, the baby is born when it is ready, and reflexology treatment seeks to promote the body's own processes and support the mother's own body condition, so that the baby has the most favorable conditions for natural birth.


The treatment always includes written home care instructions, which can be used to continue acupressure at home and during childbirth.  

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