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Head Massage


70e / 90min


Reflexology massage, is a gentle way to maintain health and treat disorders of the body. It can be used to remove and open up blockages and tensions in the body that can be the cause of various diseases. The full body reflexology goes through all the reflective areas of the body and you can enjoy a 1h 30min treatment that covers the ears, head, back, chest, abdomen, hands and feet. It is good to book about 2 hours for the visit.


Reflexology treatment

Reflexology treatment always begins with an initial interview, which explains the client's individual needs and wishes regarding treatment. After this, the client can rest on the treatment table lying on his back under the warm blankets and the reflective areas of the whole body are gone through in stages.


Treatment begins with the face, from where it continues to the neck and chest. In the same context, the client's ears are also massaged. After this, the reflexology treatment continues with the treatment of the soles of the feet, from where therapist moves up to the lower leg and thigh area. Next, the abdominal area, chest, and arms are treated. The client then turns to lie face down and therapist goes through the reflective areas on the back.


Reflexology ends with a relaxing head massage, during which many clients almost fall asleep.

Each treatment is always individual and based on the client's current situation.

​How does reflexology work?

Reflexology is based on the idea that the human body is reflected in miniature to different areas of the body. For example, the feet reflect the perfect image of a person: the toes form the head, the heels the pelvis, and the buttocks. Between these are the other parts of the body in the exact same order in which they physically exist in us. In addition, the right side corresponds to the right side of the body and the left side of the body.


By treating the reflective areas, one can try to influence the function of the desired organ or area in the body. These can be either activated or calmed depending on the customer's situation. The treatment of the reflective areas itself is a kind of massage and pressure: during the reflexology treatment, the reflective areas of the body are pressed and massaged by hand, and sometimes a suitable stick is used as an aid. This procedure aims to restore the body to an optimal state.

The body has an inherent tendency to balance and it always does everything it can to correct the problems it presents at the cellular level. The reflexologist supports this natural process and strives to steer it in the desired direction. The main part of the process is always with the customer themself.  


How does reflexology affect?

Whole body reflexology relaxes, improves resistance, relieves stress, balances hormonal activity, improves metabolism and relieves pain. It helps with digestion and improves the quality of sleep. Reflexology massage acts as a preventative treatment, activating the “internal doctor” of the body to function optimally and for the best of your own body.

You can seek help from reflexology, e.g. in the following situations



neck and shoulder pain

back pain




-digestive problems

-hormonal disorders


-inflammatory threads

-child colic

Some conditions, such as pacemaker, cancer, transplantation, early pregnancy (3 months), severe mental illness, long-term psychiatric medication, or being intoxicated, are barriers to reflexology treatment. In addition, a waiting period of 2 weeks after a course of antibiotics and vaccination is recommended.

Reflexology acts as a preventive and supportive treatment for medical treatment. 

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